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  1. May 19,  · Cordyline is a unique plant that belongs to its very own genus. Native to the Pacific Islands and some parts of Southeast Asia, there are about 15 species of this evergreen perennial. Given the fact that they are a tropical plant, they should only be grown outdoors in the warmest climates (in the United States, they’re only hardy outdoors.
  2. An Anthony Tesselaar International introduction. Festival ™ Burgundy's parentage includes: C. australis, C. pumilio, and C. banksii. Cordylines normally grow into small trees or palm-like evergreen shrubs with a trunk, however the Festival™ cordylines are different in that in that they are basal branching, forming multiple short stems spreading out from the base of the plant to create a.
  3. Several cordyline hybrids (parentage not always certain) are extremely colorful plants. Most are shorter than Cordyline australis; are clump forming; and have tall clusters of fragrant, white-to-pale lilac flowers in summer. All are great in pots or as an accent. Full sun. Moderate to regular water. Electric Pink grows 45 feet tall and wide.
  4. Dec 17,  · Familiarly known as ti plant, Cordyline terminalis is a tropical stunner with large leaves ranging in color from variegated pale pinks and greens to purple or deep red, depending on the species.
  5. Jun 01,  · Native to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, the colorful cordyline plant makes a striking addition to warm-weather gardens. As it's a plant that thrives in tropical climates, cordyline can't tolerate frost and doesn't do well in cool Carolyn Csanyi.
  6. Dec 20,  · What is a Cordyline Plant? Cordyline is a genus of plants native to Pacific islands and parts of Southeast Asia. There are around 15 species of this evergreen and woody perennial. While in the U.S. it will only be hardy through zone 9 outdoors, cordyline plant varieties are easy to .
  7. Cordyline. Cordyline australis has become a choice and popular plant for coastal and city planting, thanks to its exotic, palm-like appearance and attractive foliage in shades of green, bronze and purple. Young plants are often used in bedding and container displays. Tender species make good house or conservatory plants.
  8. cordyline plants. Touch the products for details or to Buy In Store. Browse By Price. Under £15 (7) £15 to £30 (14) £30 to £45 (1) £45 to £60 (4) £75 to £90 (2) Browse By Shop (10) (7) (6) (4) (1) Cordyline australis Red Star - Purple Torbay Palm - £ Gardening Express.